About Me

Photos by Edgar Feliz.

Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New Jersey USA. I have loved photography since I was about 10 years old and I took my father's Rangefinder camera apart and put it back together and it still worked.

In 1988 I bought my first profesional camera, a Nikon FM2, and walked the streets of NYC for hours, Chinatown to Midtown often, taking pictures, both color and B&W taking images of everything the Big Apple has to offer. I went to school for Photography and worked in New York City as an assistant to one of my teachers who's "day job" was studio work mostly for cosmetics companies, his images were published in every major magazine, and in billboards nationwide. 

Landscapes and nature photography ground you, you can shoot from the same position on any given days yet you will be amazed at how much different each photo can be, and that is apealign and inspiring. Waiting for hours for one image, is like in fishing just waiting to land "the big one".

Photography can take you places only limited by the imagitation and the lenses you carry. Images can evoke emotional responses and inspire those who view them, the works of Ansel Adams, Art Wolf, and George Diebold come to mind. I hope that the images I take can do the same, inspire, stir emotions and love of photography it is a beutiful way to express yourself and be creative especially now in the digital world we live in.

More to come...